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Is it a 5 or a 300? Subject says 3 but you typed 500 in the post.

Generally, it doesn't make it take longer if that's what you're asking. You're obviously cooking on time. If you're trying to cook old times/temps it might take a little adjustment. Probably just checking the tenderness manually it's helpful when you're adjusting to a new cooker.

Basically, until you've cooked on it, don't go with old temps. Just practice your food on the new one to check. I'm known for saying it's done when it's done. I'd suggest you cook, check tenderness and extend the time as necessary.

I love how they come out in the 500/750 with the rotisserie effect and dripping on each other. They also have multiple burn pots so you get a good smoke.
Smoke, How many did you have in? And what were the temps when you pulled them.

I did 30 packers in mine back in Nov. And they came out fine. Did not have a rush on them so I let them take their time. In at 8:00 pm and out at 1:00-2:00pm, depending on the sizes and location in the cooker. Pulled them at 195-200.

We sold them for a fund raiser, and had nothing but great comments.
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