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You will enjoy. Got my 1000 about 6 weeks ago and have used it almost every day. Cold weather does not seem to affect operation. Regarding pellets. Try the ones that come with the grill. Try to find a dealer close by so you don't have to pay shipping. experiment and choose what you like.

the 1000 will not use the amount of pellets the traeger uses. Insulation is tremendous.

shipping is the killer on pellets.

Like John said, look for local sources. Whatever you buy, try to find out the true blend of the pellets.

Long term, look for other PelletHeads on forums and order a pallet to your area. MaxQue on the forum (Chris) is from that state).

CS has been selling FE pellets for the last year or so, I'd certainly check them out for price.

Don't use the heat pellets, you need food pellets. Whatever you find, just call them up and ask for local sources, what their blend is. Get to know you pellets. It's all about BTU's and flavor of the wood.
Just spoke to Karen at CS. One ton pallet is the minimum bulk shipment. Cost of the pellets is $780 + $550 freight via common carrier w/lift gate.

I would easily go in for 25 bags...maybe 50. If we could find 1 or 2 more folks to jump in, maybe we could work this out.

Russ, any way to check the forum membership as to demographics/locations?

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