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Just ordered a pg1000 last friday. Looking forward to learning the new grill and using the vast knowledge of the resources on this forum. When ordering Karen was very pleasant and helpful. I decided to order this grill over the pg500 after doing some ribs 0 degree temps on my 055. Yes, I have been a lurker for a long time.
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Originally posted by pudgie100:
Thanks! I am sure, I will enjoy the grill. I can try to post pic's. Someone might like the new casters that are going on it.

Pudgie100, what casters did you get? Would be nice to see some pics. I asked Cookshack if I could get 3" casters -same as go on FEC100- on my new PG500 and was told "no" due to liability issues with stability.
Mine is not scheduled to ship until next week also, even though I ordered it mid February.
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