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Good question. Welcome aboard.

Determination of doneness usually takes a 2 step method. Set a probe themometer in the smaller piece...1 probe in each piece is even better. Once you hit the 190 mark, probe the meat for tenderness using a long pronged fork or a wooden kebob skewer. Easy in and out = doneness.

Rule of thumb ook time on briskets is generally 1 - 1.25 hrs @ lb BUT, use that only as a guide. The probe test is your final determination.

Side note on rub. Given the small briskets (I'm guessing they were cut from the flat) you don't need to overnight them with rub. A few hrs will be ample time. More than that and you run the risk of the rub salt content extracting moisture from the meat. Even a large packer of 12 lbs + will do well with 2-3 hrs of rub application prior to smoking.

Let us know how they turn out.
Were they select or choice or no label?

3 lb briskets will be flats (not whole packers), and you can be sure they will dry out. Thin and small like that just is very difficult to cook. That's why you see bigger briskets mentioned most often.

About the only way to do them is with some foil and a liquid to braise them. They'll likely have had the fat trimmed off of them.
As Smokin' was pointin' out, a small piece of meat that needs cooked for an extended period of time has the tendency to dry out if precautions are not taken to help.

Choice product means there is a chance that the meat has internal marbling that will help with moisture and taste...but you would have been much better off with a packer brisket that has a layer of fat to help moisturize the cook.

I'm with Smokin', wrap early in foil(150-165*) with some type of juice/broth. It may produce a pot roasted type of finished product, but will be better then just crock pot brisket.

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