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Is this after the grill has settled in for 20-30 minutes or so??
If I remember correctly, mine swung pretty good when brand spanking new. But, it settled down when it got seasoned and broken in.

The controller on the PG is not designed for dead steady temps. The wider the swings, the "smokier" the results.
This is controllable by using the LHT/HHT settings.

I do not even pay attention to the temp reading once it settles in.

Maybe someone else will have better guidance.

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I think what is missed by some folks is the idea that the HHT will control the size of fire you are using. For instance, if you are direct grilling on a lower temp, but the HHT setting is higher you will actually have a hotter fire than the temps might suggest...yeah Tim, I think a guy can over think this grill if not careful?

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