Just got my SM160 today. seasoned it for 4 hours. Got a butt smoking right now to help further season it. Any helpful hints or advice about this unit?
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While I've never used a SM160, I used to use a CS150 before moving up to a FEC100. If this is your first Cookshack smoker, you'll love it.

As for tips in general, stay within the recommended suggestions for wood use. You don't need a lot to attain great flavor profiles. Cover the top of the wood pan with aluminum foil, as well as the bottom of the cabinet for easier clean up. Don't forget to poke a hole in the foil for grease access to the under pan.

Let us know how the PB turned out, along with any follow-up questions. Welcome to the forum.
The PB turned out great. It was completely devoured. I do have a question though. I smoked the pb for 12 hours. I put in two chunks of wood in wood box. After 12 hours the wood was not burned up. It just turned black. Should I use wood chips instead of chunks?
Charring is normal. Question. How was the PB? If it was spot on, then everything is just fine. Enough smoke flavor? If not, add another chunk of wood.
As Pags said, how does the PB taste? It is VERY easy to over smoke in a CS electric smoker. It is not unusual to sometimes have charred wood as opposed to white ash.
The PB was was good, just needed a little more smoke flavor. I'll try another chunk of wood with next one. Thanks for the input. I am going to be using this smoker in a little restaurant and I need get the best out of it.
I have a smaller residential CS, but have learned that a fella needs to be aware of where the element bends,this tends to be the hot spot. This is the place that you would want to place your wood in the wood box.

I like to place my wood with the sawed part touching the bottom of the wood box,while the amount of wood is a personal taste. I like to use 3 chunks of wood myself on PBs.
One thing to try is wood placement. Look at your wood box tray and you can see the "hot spots" due to discoloration of the metal. Position the wood chunks on those hotter areas and don't cover the ventilaton holes. In my Amerique, you only need about 4-5 oz of wood for a full load of PB. Adjust amount of wood upward until you get what you are looking for. Also, some people put a "packet" of wood pellets, i.e. pellets loosely wrapped in aluminum foil. But again, go up slowly on the wood, you really can oversmoke in an electric CS.

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