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Just thought I would chime in here for a report on my new 009 and what it has accomplished.

Pork Butt - excellent best I have ever had

Stuffed Jalapenso - Excellent Again

Smoke Boneless Chicken Breasts Excellent again

Pork Baby Loin Ribs - Cooked Perfectly, good flavor. However, bad meat or ?? way too much fat did not care to have to pick through my ribs as each rib had dark meat, white meat, lots of fat, and some pink meat.

Smoked Bone in Turkey Breast. Good but not great due to my planning. Made a plan based on the day and I had to leave noticed temp was way to close to being done. Had no choice but to lower temp to 180 and hope for best when I returned. Returned and temp 165 but this was after 2 hours at 225 and 3 hours at 180. Turkey was good but dry. My fault on this one.

Stuffed Poblanos - Went to do the jalapenos again but store did not have any so I did Poblanos. Excellent although I need to experiment with stuffing as you can put a lot into Poblanos. I used a Cream Cheese, cheddar cheese, onion, red pepper, garlic mixture and this was perhaps a much of the same mixture for the big inside of the pepper. Looking for suggestins to add in next time. Maybe some leftover smoked chicken and spinach to help reduce the amount of pure cheesy goodness? any ideas?

Anyhow, I am loving this thing after having it for only 11 days (7 of which I was out of town). I got started on a water smoker, then a traditional offset wood smoker, and have now gone electric. This is so much easier that the other ones that I have had.

A brisket is in the works for the weekend. Thanks all for all the input on this forum and I didn't go into detail on everything figuring if someone has questions they will ask.

Thanks All!
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Yes, they were true loin back (I guess) over 3 pnds. Opened ribs, rinsed, patted dry, rubbed with spices, went directly in smoker 4 hours, 4ozs hickory 225, opened smoker, glazed with CS spicy sauce, smoked for 1 more hour at 225 pulled ribs. Could pull bone from meat if wanted but had just enough consistency to eat from bone if you wanted but the bone always came clean. Internal temp averaged 186 to 192 depending on which slab I tested.

Oh and this was 4 racks, cut in half, purchased at wally world. I purchased the smallest racks they had and ranged in price from 10.80 to 11.14 per rack. Same results on each rack.

Did I not cook long enough? I have smoked ribs lableled baby back ribs that came out better but all they had was the ones labeled loin back ribs that were bigger? What is the difference? I thought they were basically the same thing just different sizes.

I thought the same thing that maybe the fat did not render but I had two probes inserted in different racks and prior to pulling I tested with an instant read digital thermo in sever places. Again, ribs were good, good flavor, just way to much fat to pick through for ribs.

Also, I froze the leftovers to put into my baked beans in the future thinking they would really add some flavor to them.

Until Smokin' gets back,I'll toss in a couple of thoughts.

I'm not sure what a "babyback" is,unless you cooked the little Danish ribs they used to sell.

You either have loinback,or spares,and you apparently had loinbacks.

Wallyworld would have had saltwater pumped ribs,and possibly prefrozen.

All of which can affect cook times and texture.

You can trim some excess fat from the slabs,but fat can be flavor.

Longer cooking,which sounds like was needed,can render more fat.

I like to cook loinbacks a little higher than 225*.

Not sure what temp ribs are supposed to be done at,or where you could place a probe.

Think about having 3,or 4 dozen slabs going,and where to stick a probe.

The slabs are being carved off of a whole pork loin,so you get whatever the illegal labor cut,before the raid.

Smokin's Ribs 101 will give several ways to check doneness,so I'd suggest you try that.

Take good notes,and make small adjustments on each cook.

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