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Hi All,
I've been all over these forums for the past few days. I saw a Smokin Tex in the Williams Sonoma catalog, figured it must be cheaper on the net, and found the CS site. Your dedication and gushing posts (especially regarding customer service) convinced me that I really wanted a CS instead. It also helped to see the ready availability of spare parts and accessories on the CS site.

I wanted an SM009, figuring the stainless exterior would be best since I live on salt water (would have loved an Americue, but that is outside my budget).

I found the best price of $478 including shipping at America's Best Barbecue, but they were out of stock. The next best price I could find was $479.99 at Cabela's. For a CS, they add $12 to their normal $16.95 shipping charge since it is oversize, for a total of $508.94; about $30 more then the best price, but I didn't feel too patient, and I've ordered stuff from Cabela's before with good results.

Now all I have to do is keep reading this great forum while I wait with bated breath. I hope it doesn't take too long...
Kind Regards,
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GREAT INVESTMENT! I love my 08 and it is the best thing I have bought! Although the cost of the smoker is realtive as the meats that you will buy to cook in the smoker are going to cost you more and more you use it! My neighbors are always stopping by right around dinner time/time I pulling my meat off for dinner! Needless to say we have a party at our house ALMOSAT every weekend!! hehehehehhe
I am sure you will enjoy it! Did you order the stand too? I ended up ordering the stand as the smoker sits really low to the ground! Cabela's did not add any additional shipping to the price since I had already paid shipping on the CS Smoker! I do hope you bought the cover too!!! That is VERY IMPORTANT!!!
I agree with lovetocook, except they don't make a SS stand, so it looks kinda silly sitting on a black stand. If you are handy, you might can make a nice one, or find suitable SS shelving to use. Yep, you really need the cover! It is nice and durable.

Congrats on a wise purchase/investment.

Thanks for the welcome everyone! I bought a cover as well as a bunch of other stuff from the CS site. I'd like the cart as well, but I didn't immediately get one because I'm holding out for stainless. Northern Tools has an SS cart, but didn't have one in stock, so I put it off for awhile, thinking I'd spent enough for one week...
Just looked at the prices at America's Best wasn't a question when I wanted to order - I wanted a 009, and they were out of 008's anyway. Now that you mention it, when they restocked them, they apparently raised the prices. Guess its just as well that I ordered from Cabelas, since I've been getting things from them for years.

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