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I'm a newbie to Cookshack smoking. I would encourage all other newbies to just get some meat on the heat.

So far I've tried ribs (SL style), a small brisket, leg of lamb, and this morning made my first homemade beef jerky, ever. It was excellent.

I've made good friends with the neighborhood butcher. Had him slice 3 pounds of london broil, marinated thet with worchestirshire sauce, soy sauce, black pepper, onion powder and garlic powder. Marinated overnight in a 1 gallon plastic bag.

This morning smoked with 3 oz. mesquite chips (Cookshack does not recommend using would chips in the Cookshack smoker.) However, I wanted to see if wood chips would work and how much smoke I would get. It seemed like much more than with wood chunks and only lasted about 1 hour.

Anyway, smoked for 1 hour, turned and rotated meat as suggested in the Cookshack cookbook that came with the smoker, and smoked another hour. wasn't quite done so added another 1 hour cooking time (perhaps due to altitude)

Turned out great, took a sample to the butcher, he loved it, gonna let the boy scouts try a sample later this week (if I don't eat it all first)

By the way, that 3 pounds of meat yielded 1# 4 oz. jerky.

I've got a bunch more ideas for smoking. Can't wait.

Keep on smokin'.
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Great Job. What kind of smoker do you have. Obviously electric if you're using chips (or chunks). Sometimes you need to open the door periodically on the electrics to dump some moisture from the jerky process. The electrics retain more moisture than the FECs. Sounds like a lot of wood (and mesquite at that) for jerky, but you can't argue with success. Sure is cheaper than buying it as the store!!!

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