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Seven slabs of ribs, beans and two tri-tips in the 020, temp set to 275. Gotta go to the store to pick up some last minute things. Check the smoker after about 2 hours, temp is 187. What the?!?! This is not good. Powered off/on a couple times, checked the temp probe. Still the same.

Time for plan B... Fire up the oven in the kitchen. Red Face We'll see how they turn out, they did get plenty of smoke to start, so fingers crossed.

Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Frowner
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Originally posted by S & H:
You think you might have found the max load?

YUP, agreed. Did that with my old SM008 when I had it. 2 huge hunks of brisket and 3 slabs of ribs. The Maverick 732 was reading about 200 and I had it maxed at 250. Tossed in a 2nd load of wood and once it stopped smoking I put everything in the oven at 275 to make up for lost time. It came out pretty good, but NOTHING smells as good as sitting near a Cookshack smoker with a load of food slow cooking. I call it "ambiance".

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