I recently got this back from the in-laws after 10+ years of storage. They did not use it. Still works great (did two "butts" last night. My question is, does this unit equate to any units that are offered now? I'd like to know so I can follow along in the forums and compare your info on your newer units to ideas for mine. Thanks in advance, great forums and a lot of really helpful people in here. Mike
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Generally speaking all the electric models share similar operating characteristics. They differ primarily in capacity. Any info you see not directly aimed at FEC users should translate well.
I'm sure there are a number of folks on this forum who have the SM055. The Elite series that replaced it has an electronic controller and a meat probe, and increased the shelf size from 14x14 to 14x18.

Aside from that, it's a Cookshack smoker, and it is no different operationally from some of the current CS models that don't have the controller and probe. All advice that isn't specific to the electronic controller applies, which would be about 99% of everything on this forum.

If it works, it will make extraordinary 'que.
Just ignore any posts about the FEC and you'll be fine. The majority of the forum is about the Electric models so you'll do okay.

Welcome to the group and SHAME on your parents for having one so long and not using it, but at least it has a home now.

Just my humble opinion, but you have acquired the finest Cookshack model ever made...of which I have two. Simple, straightforward, big heating coil, big capacity, always works...

no wait, send it to me instead. I need three of them!!
Sorry Guys,would not sell it.Been cooking on it for three days straight, little sleep but alot of good ribs, pb and brisket. I just love it.

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