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Tonight I was at a local Q restaurant, which their claim to fame in my book is they are consistently inconsistent.

Well I had the smoked beef short ribs. But they seemed overly greasy. If I want to replicate them myself without the excessive grease, any suggestions? They had a good crust built up.

The other item was smoked macaroni & cheese. It amazes me how different it is each time. One time a light smoky flavor, next time, tonight so much you felt like you where eating a charred piece of wood.

It might have been talked about before, but I would appreciate whatever wisdom you could share.
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We've got a local BBQ shack like that. One trip in and the chicken is very good, and another time it is dried out and looks like it is leftovers.

They also have a potatoes and onions. One trip the stuff looks just like it was thrown together. Then come back another time and the stuff is mush and some will be burned.

All restaurants are 100% dependent on the pitmaster. If the pitmaster is a 17 year old following a recipe book, you'll get one thing consistently .... inconsistence.

Learn to do it yourself.

Search on "beef ribs" and you'll be able to make your own better than they do.

For better Smoked Mac & Cheese, smoke your own cheese. The commercial stuff is just painted with liquid smoke. The restaurant probably adds some to the recipe and depending on when they put in the smoker, sometimes it gets enough smoke, other times it won't.
Seems to my palate ,the usual restaurant short ribs,are as you described.

Greasy/fatty/in gravy.

Ribdog tends to fix them,when he finds good ones,so he'll probably chime in.

Mac n' cheese ,that I thought was good,was usually fixed by an attentive chef,fresh from the oven,as a foil to the smoked meats.

That way,

each stood out seperately.

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