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Thanks everyone-- I am trying to get the hang of the smoker--

Adjusting the legs did work--

Smoked some chicken wings - for an upcoming cookoff that I am in-- follow the initial intructions , please but took an extra 2 1/2 hrs from what the recipe book said--

Also got a pork but to see what would happen- have to say I am concerned about the unit-- followed instructions for a 5 lb butt. -- I started with a 4 1/2 lb --- was in this am at 500 am -- was excited to use it..

we are on hr --> 13 now and the internal temp is 142 degrees--

took it out to check the butt and was surprised that I could remove it with my bare hands -- infact had the unit set at 225
and could easily remove the grill with no fear of burns--

Any ideas out there-- possible defective unit????
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Have you checked the inside temp of the smoker? You need a reliable remote thermometer to check. Get one at Target/Walmart/etc. Only $20 or so. Test it by putting the probe in ice water. Should read about 34 or 35. Then turn your unit on and check the internal temp of the smoker by sliding the probe down inside the vent. Place it through a potato so that the probe sits in the open shelf and doesn't touch metal. Set it on 250, wait 30 min and monitor the temp. It will "average" the 250, with some variation +/- 30 degrees or so.

Are you using an extension cord?

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