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Am I the only one who the CS web site never remembers? No mater how often I order when I come back for something else I have to type in every bit of info again. This last time I just went local and bought what I could get because it aggravated me so much. I don't like griping but I've been a CS owner for maybe 8 years, how about a little respect for customers time?
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Hi Soyousee,

I dont have that problem, this site remembers me.
The only time it dose not remember me is
If I do not check box next to remember me.
Or if I clear my cache from my browser.
Or set Safari to Private browsing.

It might be one of those.
Did you check the box next to remember me?
It could be your browser settings set not to remember.
Do you clear your history?
Are you on a Mac or PC what version?

Hope this helps.

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