Need some advice.  I have had my SM045 for about 8 years now - going strong and I love it!

Occasionally I need a bit more capacity.

I have the opportunity to buy a lightly used (literally used twice) SM025 - includes the stand/cart option.  Retail for all is $1325, I can pick this up for $600.  

What are your thoughts about doing this to add capacity or holding out to eventually buy another SM045 or an Amerique?

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You can probably sell the 25 for close to the $600 in a year or so if you find out it isn't big enough.  I would go ahead and get it.  Maybe a used 045 will show up and then you can have 3 smokers.

I would love to have that opportunity, in fact if you don’t buy it and you care to share the location please let me know 



Hi Boomer - just saw your response.  I'm still on the fence on the decision.  I am in Southern California - would you still be interested in it if I pass on buying it?

Hi IdahoMike,

When it was posted on Craigslist, location was Encinitas, CA (San Diego Area).  Unfortunately I did a search and I no longer see it posted for sale.  

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