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I'm teetering on the purchase of the FEPG 500, mainly due to the current Valentine's promo.

I own a FEC100, a decent gasser and an adequate Kingsford charcoal fajita style unit, so I don't HAVE to add another piece of grilling artillery, but given the sale and knowing Cookshack quality, I'm ALMOST ready to jump on the 500.

Those of you who already own one, would you please share your opinions as to the benefits and possible downside of this unit?

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Hey Max- I have own mine over a year now. And I love it. If I had to find some criticisms it isn't easy to do but there are a few minor things.

I wish the grill was bigger. I can only do 4 large New Yorks at a time. But there are work arounds like grill and hold in the warming drawer.

I have never used the warming drawer.

My pellets are jumping the pot. Maybe 1 or 2 every 3rd or 4th drop. I have had a couple of grease and pellet fires in the catch pan when I cook at 400 degrees or higher.

I find when smoking meats the chamber is more of a dry environment as opposed to my SM025 which is more moist. I wouldn't see a reason to smoke in the PG500 since you have a FEC100.

That said, I use my PG500 for just about everything but pulled pork. My SM025 and SM150 put out a better butt in my opinion.

Knowing some of these things would never change my mind from buying this unit again. They are just minor things. There are many positives to the machine. Like the food that comes out is amazing!

If you have any specific questions feel free to shoot me a PM or reply here.
I'm not sure I can add more than Padre. I have a small 009 smokette and a PG500 for about 2 weeks so I don't have the experience to honestly answer your question. I bought the PG500 because of the end of year sale. I bought the PG500 vs. the PG1000 primarily because of price difference and couldn't justify buying the 1000 vs. 500. I'm sure in the long run the insulated version pays for itself. However, they are basically the same grill except for different type of stainless steel. Hope this helps.

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