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I'm gonna do some of that phoney hamburger jerky out of lean Moose. I don't need no steeenking Jerky Kit or that Tender-Quick salt crap to do it, either. My saltpeter comes from my drug pharmacist! LOL! Anyway, kidding aside, here's my boggle:

What is shrinkage with this stuff? I have no extrusion device other than a pastry bag. What is the usual fat percentage? How to rig a smoking rack...I think I have that figured out, but I want you guys to chime in on this project. Several of you will reap the harvest.... Wink
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HI Andi!

Never made that faux jerky before...can't even stand eating the garbage, BUT.....

I experience 60% loss during my jerky cooks. That includes about 10% fat, which you won't have. I would figure 40-50% loss.

The fat content should be ZERO! Any fat at all and it will pick up the smoke flavor and turn rancid. My brother buys 95% lean burger to make his.

Check out pic of my new jerky system.....

Also a link to my jerky page......


Hope some of this helps Andi!
Stogie, my Jerky God! I plan to use your recipe and method today! That was already in the works, my fine friend. I normally go my own way on these matters, but the testemonials to your jerky said...try it Stogies Way! LOL! I will take pics!

I've done jerky in the CS and was not happy with it. Always go back to my dehydrator. Hence, your method. I am putting in a big 6 pounds. Okay, not a lot, but it's the end of the winter and the moose stash is getting low. I have 18 lbs. of burger/sausage pack I want to make the faux stuff with. It's not bad if ya do it right. Wanna do it right. Won't call it jerky...Smoked Moose Sticks! How on that? Wink

I made some of those ground jerky sticks before. One batch of ground lean beef and one batch of ground venison. Used the jerky shooter to lay them out on my seafood grills. Tried the flat ribbon about an inch wide and the round style about 1/2 inch thick. I think I over cooked them because they both came out about as big around as a pencil. Didn't like them at all and I am a big jerky fan.

I also agree, don't call them jerky. They tasted a little better when I told myself that they were snack sticks and not jerky. They just don't have the texture to be called jerky and that put my tastebuds off.

If you get them to come out reasonably good let me know how you did it.

I can't help with the type of "jerky" you are describing, but here's how I do mine:

2 lb sliced flank steak
1/2 cup worcestershire sauce
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup Jack Daniels
2 tea. onion powder
2 tea. garlic powder
2 tea. crushed red pepper
2 tea. chinese 5-spice powder
2 tea. indian curry powder
3 dashes liquid hickory smoke

Marinate overnight then dry in a dehydrator.

Note: this recipe is from before I had my CS. I really need to try it without the liquid smoke but with some real smoke Smiler
Wow, Steve, yours is a very different recipe and interesting!

Here's what's going on, Boys...I have two batches marinating sonce yesterday morn. One is Carne Seca, Mexican Jerky made with a red wine vinegar base (recipe on this site somewhere) and one what I call regular; shoyu, worcestershire, garlic, onion, pepper. I'm gonna do the regular today and give the Carne Seca another days soak.

Here is the cool part. Stogies jerky method of stacking racks. Russ made me some stainless steel racks out of a material that costs $170.00 a 3X3 sheet! Nice stuff. Gonna stack and then bolt together like a flower press. I'm gonna take pics. How do I get them on here? I'm starting this project in about an hour... Confused

If you mean Mettwurst, I sure do have! Just kidding with ya. This does call for TQ, so just eliminate that and add enough saltpeter for 4 pounds of meat. I have never worked with it so have no idea.

I will post this under the recipe section so we don't piss off the moderator!! LOL
Hey,'re here. I am getting conflicting messages off the net for the smoking times on jerky. AND the temps. CS sez 180 for 6 hours, but the book sez 2 hours at 200! HUH? For sure I will check every hour, but what have you learned? In the recipe section, there is one that goes 1-2 hours and then is held for 24 hours at 140. What is your opinion? Confused

By golly, I have some Mettwurst recipes somewhere...Is that what I mean? LOL! Put your up! Roll Eyes
Last week, I made regular jerky by the CS booklet venison jerky recipe, using beef bottom round instead, about 1/4" thick. Books says 200F/2hrs, it was still pretty wet. 3 hours was about the minimum for dry enough, but corners were looking a tich black. Because I wanted to smoke some turkey, I took the jerky out, left it on racks, and put it in a warm (approx 120F) oven for a couple hours. Seems also to harden a bit after a couple days in refrigerator.

Next time, I'll probably go 185F/4-5 hrs to get drier and more uniform result.
Mettwurst (German for "meat sausage") seems to mean different things to different people. In central Wisconsin, it's a sort of super-duper ring bologna with coarser meat, more smoke, and more spice, esp. coriander. Considered fully cooked but usually re-cooked with kraut, sliced & sauted, etc. for serving, altho I've seen it served cold with crackers & cheese.

Summer sausage stix are different - just the s.s. recipe in much smaller casings, I think some sort of synthetic ones since it's usually just cut to size and not tied.

Also along the same lines are hard links like landjaegers, fat pats, hot rods, etc. etc. These are more or less like smoked finely ground pepperoni with a bit different spice in hog casings. They might be the best jerky-like ground meat. Can't seem to google up any recipes, surely someone has one.
TJR: They are in there now at 175. Just put them in and plan to turn and change racks every hour and just go by feel. But, I get that it's gonna take longer than 2 hours! Especially since my meat is not uniform. We packaged it as we were butchering. Just kind of the lean odds and ends. So, my set-up with the stainless racks is THE KIND!!! I stacked them 3 high each, made two, and staggered the meat. Then I put a rack on the top of each and bolted the corners down, like weighting them. Tres cool! Turns really easy, too! I just downloaded some pics, but the racks are so dang shiny and the sun was hitting on them...the pics are difficult to see. I wish I knew how to post them! Anyway, after the racks darken up a bit, I'll try again.

I'm only using less than an ounce of wood. Want to taste my seasonings! Razzer

I have a couple of sausage books that have Mettwurst, etc. I believe I'll crack a beer, sit in the sun in my beer chair, watch Smokette smoke, and have a read! If I find one that will do the trick, I'll post it, okay? See ya in about an hour!
Big Grin Big Grin

2 huge variables will affect your time to dry.......thickness and pit temp.

1/4" thick pieces will take about 5-6 hrs. at 170�. They will take only 3-4 hours at 200�. A higher temp will result in a much crisper jerky. That is why I prefer to cook at around 170�...seems a nice balance between time and texture.

3/8" thick pieces will take 8-9 hrs at 170�.

Keep in mind, I use a WSM with NO water in the pan......I use sand as a barrier instead. I have found over the years that different pits cook things differently so these times will vary.

Hope this helps you out!
(Why is this thread so w-i-d-e? I hate that!)

Went 175 for almost exactly 6 hours. Opened the CS and turned and rotated the trays every hour. A few pieces had to come out at 5 hours, as I said, my pieces were uneven. The stacking screen method is the ONLY way to go! Worked perfect and I'll try and get some better pics today. The screens make that cool cross-hatching designs like the store-bought! Doing Carne Seca today. Yesterdays batch definitely needed more salt. Should have gone for a 48 hour soak.

Mettwurst: My books have it as a pure pork product. With what I have, I can do Pepperoni Sticks, Kosher Summer Sausage Sticks, Venison Salami, Lebanon Bologna, or make up my own...which is more than likely what I'll do. My problem is getting fat. All I can manage is bacon ends and pieces. I'd rather have suet, but that seems to be nil around here. I'm gonna make a Summer Sausage-like Stick product.

Anyway, I have the method down...from Rytek Kutas, The Godfather of Sausage. This will be much fun! Eeker
Here is a jerky recipe that i have used for a couple years that I think you would like for beef, venison or moose.Some times i will replace the wine with apple or pineapple juice and use some terryaki to replace some of the soy sauce. I usually use a mix of apple and oak wood. I am doing 25 to 30 pound loads and start about 150-160 degree until it stops smoking. I use about 5 oz of wood. after it stops smoking i will run the temp up around 180-190 till its done. Anywhere from 6 to 12 hrs depending on thickness of meat.
Beef Or Game Jerky
1/3 c Sugar
1/4 c Salt
2 c Soy sauce
1 c Water
1 c Red wine
1/2 ts Onion powder
1/2 ts Garlic powder
1/2 ts Pepper
1/2 ts Tabasco sauce

Trim all fat from meat. Slice meat with the grain to about 1/4" to 1/2" thick. The meat slices nicely when semi-frozen, or your butcher will slice it for you in his machine. Place meat in the cool marinade and leave overnight, or for no less than 8 hours.

Remove from brine and allow to air dry without rinsing. Smoke in your smoker for 12 to 16 hours or until jerky has dried out to your liking. Use your favorite fuel for smoking.

I think this will do about 5 pounds of meat. Razzer Don...
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