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I think all pastrami recipes I know of are using the flat. If Dave is using the point, then that's a change, but he does great stuff.

I'm not sure I've seen any points corned, around here, it's always the flat.

Shoot, go for it, have some fun.

And like Wheelz said, do a search.

I found over 200 hits for "pastrami" but check out this link (it's multiple pages and lots of info:
Smokin' used to have a fine technique on corning and then making pastrami from it.

I personally would never consider the point.

If I went to the effort,I'd be going for a leaner product.

Of course,I don't know much about it. Roll Eyes

I'd cook it to a higher internal than most recipes call for,and a commercial slicer is really nice.

Don't ask how I know these things. Eeker
The stores here in St. Loo-ee sell both points and flats that have been corned. We've tried both. Although both have good flavor, the points are more fatty than we care for. One specialty meat store sells Kobe (I really think it's Wagyu) corned beef and it's outstanding. The flats are fork tender. Kind of pricey but oh it's so worth it. After all, Saint Pat's comes just once a year.

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