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I've never had too little smoke flavor from my SM066. In the beginning I had to learn not to use too much wood. Last weekend, I did a rack of loinback ribs and used 2 small chunks of peach wood, about 2 oz. total. Plenty of smoke. Also, it is easy: toss in the wood, add the meat, set the temp and walk away until dinner time. As for combustion, I usually end up with a mixture of charcoal and ash. Sometimes just ash for a very long smoke.

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I think the pellet smoker produces less smoke flavor than the electric.

The pellet smoker has a higher airflow to keep combustion going and the pellets are burning with an open flame.  In the pellet smoker I had, it made minimal smoke flavor when above 200 deg. Still a nice flavor, just not real smoky.  Plus smoking cheese is impossible.

My 008 and Smokin-It #3 can make too much smoke flavor.  I have to weigh the wood or else get too much smoke which makes for bitter creosote flavors.  The air exchange is very low, so much so that I don't add any moisture in a water pan to my smokes.  I do 20-30# of cheese a year in my electric that my neighbors and friends love.

I have both (SM-008 electric and FEC-100 pellet). Hands-down, electric can give you more smoke. With electric, I have even "over-smoked" food by adding too much wood (I like smoke so was testing the limits. Yes, you actually CAN have too much smoke).

With a pellet-pooper, you're limited to the smoke level the pellets produce (I like Lumberjack, Hickory). I've added an additional pellet tube to get MORE smoke when using the pellet smoker.

I like the end product both produce and both are super easy to use but, I prefer the flexibility to control my smoke level on the electric vs the pellet smoker.

I've had an sm009 fec100, pg1000, and now a sm045.

I agree with what the others have said about smoke flavor.

Also to  conciser is that the  pellet grill will function as a grill and the electrics top out around 300 deg.  also there is much said about the fun and fascination of grilling over a wood fire.

With the pellet cookers you must empty the hopper to change flavors while with the electric you only need to use a different chunk of wood.

For me, cleanup after a cook is far easier with the electric.

Lastly there is the issue of pellets them selves. One needs to order, store and manage 20 lb. or 40 lb. bags of pellets for the pellet cooker. with the electric you can manage with a few 5 lb. or 10 lb. boxes of wood chunks.

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