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Hi everyone. I'm pretty new to this forum since I've only been smoking since November 08. I just wanted to show what my local metal guy made for me the other day. I helped my brother smoke some pepper poppers at his house over christmas and figured I needed a rack for my own smoker. My metal guy took a piece of stainless and punched 1" holes in it to hold up my peppers. I went to the local hardware store and purchased some refrigerator legs and some nuts and wing nuts and made stands for my pepper rack. Hope to have some nice pepper poppers tomorrow for supper along with my moinks.


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I've been very pleased with my pepper holder that came from Cabala's. CS didn't have them at the time, and the Cabala's come in 21, 36, and 48 hole versions. It works no better than the disposable pan with holes poked in it that I used before, but it looks a lot better. I'd buy from CS if I needed another one as their price per hole is about the same and CS are nice folks. Order some rub too while you're at it.

Try stuffing with a mixture of cream cheese, blue cheese crumbles, finely diced celery, diced chicken, and hot sauce. Mix all together and stuff. Add bacon if disired.
Anybody know the dimensions of the 12 and 24 popper version? The CS site does not give dimensions. Keep in mind, it needs to go in 2 out of 4 possible ways so the bent over feet lay across the rack properly. What I'm getting at is L X W X (height not important) let us know which is the "leg" side.

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