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While waiting on a cook this past weekend, and having a little free time (as defined my ME), I stumbled (so to speak) on the perfect bloody. It goes:

a 18oz cup, a small handful of ice
1-2 spoonfuls of Famous Daves Devil Spit
1 large stuffed olive (stuffed with garlic or jalapena)
1/2 a spoonful of the olive juice
1/2 spear kosher dill pickle
1/2 a spoonful of pickle juice
1 1/2 shots of vodka (the best you can afford)
A couple of shakes of McKinneys Habenero sauce
Top it off with Clamato juice.

Stir with the pickle until thouroughly mixed.
Always drink in moderation. (lol)

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Great sounding recipe, Caddy, except for one thing: forGET the "best you can afford". With all those ingredients, especially the hot ones, not even the most discriminating tastes will differentiate between an expensive and a cheap vodka. With only a shot and a half of vodka in that complex drink, you'd probably be able to serve someone a virgin drink and they might not know it. IMO, the only time expensive vodka makes sense is when the vodka is the major ingredient (martini's, for example). Even a simple addition of tonic water and lime can mask an expensive vodka and make it indistinguishable from a cheap one.
My choice of the best vodka you could afford was more pointed to the hangover pain the next day on cheap vodka compared to better vodka. You must not have ever tried Hawkeye brand. lol But you are right about the taste. No difference. And for my vodka gimlets, only Absolut and Roses Lime please. Smiler

that's a good recipe!!!!!
and really healthy!!!
i mean you got the lycopene that us old guys need from the tomatoes.
you got the vitimin c from the peppers (1 jalapeno has more of that than an orange).
of course the olive is a mono unsaturated fat and clam juice has to be good for something!!!!!
wonder if i can this one by peggy as health food?? Roll Eyes

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