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OK. 9.66 lb butt, 4 oz mesquite. Put in at 9:45 pm set 008 at 225. 12 hours later (9:45 am) it was at 169, about right. At the 16th hour it was at 184, I bumped up the CS to 250, in about 15 minutes it read 191 and has since dropped to 188 and seems to be holding. I thought the plateau occurred in the 170 range. Thanks in advance for any input. I have not opened the door and as you can tell I'm new at this. Later>>
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I think you'll find a large bonein butt to be pretty forgiving.

Like wheelz said,That therm isn't a complex instrument you're doing brain surgery with.

It's just a guide to keep us from opening the door all the time.

Now when you start hot cookin' a chicken breast,the accuracy ,to a couple degrees gets a little more important.

If you open the door when it hits about 192º,see if the bone can be twisted,the butt feels a little like jello,and the probe pokes through it easily,you're probably about there.

If not, close it back up for about 45 mins.

Should be cooked about right.

Squirt it down with a little apple juice/mop,double foil it,and dry cooler for a couple hrs.
I agree. If you use lemon juice to clean it out, you are washing out the seasoning. Some clean out maybe once a year, then reseason with smoke and then fatty pork. Waste of time in my opinion. My Smokette is seasoned to the point where I can do delicate meats without wood and still yet get a mild smoke flavor. I believe most are the same way. Just be sure you wipe out all the grease and/or any meat deposits and you will be in good shape. It should still remain in a sort of greasy and black condition.


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