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At a controller temp of 225 how much white smoke should be produced by the PG 1000.  It was filling my backyard and my neighbors with smoke. I had to move it away from the house. I played with the LHT/HHT settings to see if I could get it cleaner but nothing seemed to change the amount or color of the smoke. The fire box itself did not contain a fire or visible flames at 225 and it seemed to be just smoldering. Is this Normal? At low cooking temps, is this unit supposed to have a fire burning or do the Pellets Smolder?

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90 Degree Day  No Humidity in Direct Sun - LHT-10 with HHT-30. I also tried LHT-15 with HHT-35 for a couple of hours and no real difference except LHT-15 had less temp swing variance. I was using "Q" Pellets Brand Apple Wood.

Sorry for being a Rookie with the unit. Any information or insight would be helpful.


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That's pretty much how my PG500 acts at any setpoint below 300F.  Whether it's normal or not, I don't know...

One thing I have started doing is setting my LHT and HHT at the same number.  It requires a bit more maintenance but slightly reduces the temp swings.  I just have to tweak it every hour or so as ambient conditions change.

I will say though that even with all that heavy smoke, it has never had an ill effect on my cooks.  I have never had an acrid/bitter oversmoked flavor even on briskets and pork shoulders that cook 12-20 hours.

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