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Used a Traeger a few years ago and it lasted 4yrs before an ugly death ( I do a lot of Q) With considerable homework and resolved that anything under $1,500 is not going to make me happy I have narrowed to the two subject units or a Mak 2 Star.  Have seen the Mak in person but not the Cookshack units and I am reluctant to part with $2-3K without seeing them up close.  I live in Baltimore MD and was hoping somebody near me has one of these I could see-I'll travel 50-100 mi if necessary.  I am prepared to wait out this virus mess to keep all safe.  Send me a PM if you have one to view.  Thx


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Appreciate your input.  Do not see a trial period on the Mak but has a three year warranty and highly rated customer service as does Cookshack.  It has clearly the best starting system with a Lifetime warranty but weighs 235 lbs compared to 300 to 400 for the Cookshacks so they clearly have more metal and apparently all stainless steel.  All three are excellent units- Mak appears to have the edge in meat probes  so I remain undecided but would really like to see the Cookshacks firsthand.  Thx Pat

Don’t get hung up on the meat probe. I have one for my smoker that I NEVER use. When I smoke I do several cuts and place a ThermoWorks probe in each cut. For Hot & Fast grilling I use a ThermoWorks pocket probe. 
My FEC100 & FEPG1000 are SS and outside year round (with covers). They shine up like NEW! The smoker is so well insulated that I leave the cover on while I cook!

I understand that you are a cookshack fan but also note that the units you appear to use are smokers exclusively and I am interested in both direct and indirect cooking.  I have an XL Big Green Egg that is fabulous for smoking and can go low and slow for up to fifteen hours on a single charcoal load.  I use a Maverick to monitor the egg both for surface temp and internal meat temp.  Thanks for your input.  Pat


I have been a Cookshack "fan" since 2011 based on both quality build and customer service.  I have both SMOKER FEC100 and GRILL FEPG1000.  Both units have not disappointed.  The Grill is also a "small" smoker. Not sure if the MAK 2 has a direct side but that is the best part of the FEPG.  You won't find a better steak cooker! I got rid of my gas and charcoal grills after they sat idle for about two years.

Best of luck. 


I had a Traeger as well and moved up to the PG 500. Best move ever. Did some chicken legs tonight. Smoked them first on the indirect side then added some BBQ sauce and moved them to the direct side after a temp increase. They were perfect. I have given away my gasser and use this for everything, smoking and grilling. I love it! The Mak is a fine product and you will probably be happy with one. I have a PG500 and I can assure you I am happy. It works year-round, flawlessly, and without hesitation and does it all.  By the way, I had a Pit Barrel Cooker too and do not miss having to mess with charcoal both before and after the cook. I flip the switch on the PG500 for every single thing I cook outside. The only device I would trade it for is the PG1000.

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