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I usually post my cooks in the FE forum but wanted to branch out a bit.

What to do with left over smoked chicken?

Traditionally, chile rellenos is usually a Poblano or Anaheim chili, stuffed with cheese, covered in batter and deep fried, served with a sauce.

My version is a hold together casserole that adds the flavors and colors of vegetables and bakes instead of deep frying to make a healthier dish.

I sauteed many colors of diced vegetables, a splash of wine and spices, and added coarse chopped Anaheim chilis.

Then came the batter of separated eggs, flour and spice. Some shredded cheese and chopped smoked chicken from a few days ago.

Into a sprayed Pyrex dish, batter, vegetables, cheese, chicken, vegetables, cheese, batter, cheese. A sprinkling of rub and spice for each layer.

Baked at 375° for 35 minutes.

My sauce is a spiced up soup puree that I make each week from roasted vegetables, tomatoes and broth. Some chili seasoning turns it into an all encompassing Mexican style sauce.

Served with black beans, sauteed with pickled jalapeno, onion and garlic.

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That is a beautiful thing! I am sure u expected to be asked, so here goes. Care to share the exact recipe? are u layering like a lasagne, w veg then batter then veg and finish w batter? Would love to make this family. The.sauce.could be subbed I am sure, as that is probably quite a process. Really nice job, Thanks for sharing!!!
Thank you Vicki. I appreciate the support you have shown me in several of my few posts on this forum. PM me if you have further questions or need more help.

It is layered like a lasagna. Some cheese added to top to get crispy crust but not necessary. Usually make this dish with shrimp so the concept is versatile.

I used a 9" square Pyrex pan that can fit in the toaster oven (rack turned upside down, 375°, 35 minutes or so), which I use for most of my indoor baking for my wife and myself. Perfect size and everything takes just half an hour +/- a few minutes.

I cook by color with fresh vegetables so use every one I can find in the fridge--yellow and green zucchini, onion, garlic, carrot, celery, red pepper et al. Probably about 4 cups raw cooked down to about 2 cups, with some white wine splashed in.

For batter, egg whites are whipped. Yolks are mixed with flour, some water and cumin.

Use 1T flour for each egg white and then 1T for the pot, so to speak. Enough water to make thick slurry which is folded into the beaten whites.

Use half the batter on bottom, then keep layering and seasoning. When baking, the batter will rise along the perimeter and the enttire dish will be contained in it so it's easy to cut portions while still hot.

I make a pureed soup each week as snack food. Roasted vegetables, tomatoes and broth. I make a Taco seasoning (really a rub) that I add to this for my Mexican style dishes. The soup also works with many other dishes. It's cooked and pureed in a Vitamix blender in about 10 minutes.

Hope this helps.


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