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We are have a customer apprecation day on Wed. and I am planning on doing some picnic hams/shoulders. I am going to put them in on Tue. morning before I leave for work, and set the temp a little lower say 200. I have 4 of these all 8lb give or take .75lb the last one of these i did was done on about 6 hours.

Does anyone see any problem here and when I take them out Tues. evening can anyone give me any ideas on what to do with them for the next 12 to 14 hours until I will be at work to plug in the roaster they will be in?

I am looking to not put them in Tues. evening and get up extra early on Wed. morning to cut and seperate them and put in roaster to take to work.

These are already cured and smoked, I am just adding a little more smoke flavor and haeting them at the same time.


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My guess is you will need to wrap whole and refrigerate ,overnight-if you don't want to pull them immediately.

I would consider pulling them the night before,put them in aluminum half pans and refrigerate.

Put in the roaster,before you leave home or when you get to work.

Add a little vinegar sauce like Smokin' Okie's or a little apple juice.

At 250� ,whole ones, should take about 2-3 hrs to come up over 145� internal.

Hope this helps a little.

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