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A few photos for you:

our little home for two 20 hour days:

my SUPER team; Twila (wife), Rishawn (daughter) and Tony (son in law and Pit Bitch)

Ribs for the blind judging. Smithfield 2.5 and down St. Louis

Prepping sides for the evening turn-in:

Media Coverage:

Inside the restaurant. 15 min of madness prepping the plates for the blind judging:

Night shot from the site:

The OK and TX Winners (Cliff and me)

After the win, about 1am we went to the top of the hotel and this was the view from the rooftop bar:

More Media on Friday:

the 8 teams:

More media:

some of the 180 racks of ribs

Tony got his two day training as Pit Bitch:

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