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Well, you all will probably think I've gone daft in my old age.
Haven't had time to do any bacon (properly) lately, and the tomatoes are nice and ripe. Just right for BLTs.

Sooo... had some store bought bacon in the freezer. Thawed it, separated it, smoked it cold for about 1 hour with a little apple. Then, 'cause I was too lazy to do dishes, placed it on the gas grill to cook over med heat.

Turned out nice and crispy, nice smoke flavor.

Time to make sandwiches.

Go Broncos
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Um.... Bacon....

Here's my list of foods for this years State Fair of Oklahoma...

Obviously the Trend is for Bacon, it has it's own menu at the State Fair.

Bacon section only:

Bacon Bloody Mary
Bacon Bloomin Onion
Bacon Cheese Curds
Bacon chocolate Milkshake
Bacon Cinnamon Roll
Bacon Explosion Ice Cream Sundae
Bacon Extreme
Bacon Ice Cream Sundae
Bacon Smoothie
Bacon Wrapped Caramel Apple
Bacon Wrapped Chicken
Bacon Wrapped Chicken on a Stick
Bacon Wrapper Corn Dog
Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog
Bacon Wrapped Jack Daniels Churro
Bacon Wrapped Turkey Leg (ding, ding, ding)
Beer Battered Deep Fried Bacon
Cheesy Bacon Bombs
chocolate Covered Bacon
Deep Fried Bacon Brownie On A Stick
Deep Fried Bacon Cheddar Mashed Potatoes on a stick
Giant Crème Puff with Bacon
Honey Bun Bacon cheeseburger
Monkey Time Donut
PBJ Burger (PB, Bacon, Jalapeno)
Porkabella Kabob
Texas Loin
Wild Boar Kabor

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