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Made some jerky using six pounds of London Broil sliced with the grain into 1/4" strips by my friendly butcher. I marinated/cured it in Hi Mountain Hickory and Cure for 48 hrs turning and mixing a couple times a day. 24 hrs was suggested, but I wanted to make sure every piece was cured thoroughly since I was sending some back to Chicago vacuum sealed. Once cured, I threw the strips into my smoker using a couple chunks of Hickory.

Hanging jerky on Cookshack jerky rods.

This time I smoked the jerky all the way at 180* instead of starting lower and raising the temp to 225*. The intent was to dehydrate more and cook less. Instead of being ready in 4 hrs, it took 5.5 hrs, and I had plenty of smoke at the lower temperature. Used the GLH method of smoking.

Here is the jerky just out of the smoker.


The texture was the best I've done yet. Some resistance, but not teeth splintering. More dried, less cooked. Perfect. Flavor was, well, hickory. Big Grin Hickory seasoning/Hickory wood. No surprise there. Very tasty. Figure I can do the six lbs at roughly 25% or the cost of buying it retail. Plus this is fun. Plus I love the compliments I get from my brother (made and sent at his request), my grandson, and my buddies (took some to the lucheon where 6 of us met. One buddy told me on a scale of 1-10, this was a 10. He took two pieces home to his wife.)


About 10% of the jerky didn't dry properly. I included some of the pieces in the picture. Note the lighter colored ones. Not jerky texture, softer. This is caused by jamming too much jerky into the smoker. Proper airflow and smoke doesn't get to the pieces that touch. Lesson learned, do 8-10 lbs next time in two smoker shifts.

Did this a couple weeks ago, and all the jerky is now gone. Doing more this week with a wet cure, teriyaki flavor.
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Pags, my jerky dries differently also. I have to rotate it and move it around the racks, and pull the done pieces early and let the others smoke. Once in a while i'll get a stubborn piece that won't dry properly. I usually feel the need to eat that piece as a taster. Oh, did you know you can buy the hi mountain for about 20 percent of the cost in bulk.
Well. I just disappointed myself with the jerky I made yesterday. I used Yoshida marinade with TenderQuick. Got away from me as the jerky was overcooked. Think it cooked faster due to the liquid. Also, without thinking I set the smoker temp higher than I wanted. The guys at lunch said it was very tasty but overcooked. Roll Eyes

So thanks Chaplain Bill. Think I'll try some Hi Mountain in bulk for the next go around.
I tried some homemade wet cure with worch. Sauce and some ter. marinade. Just didn't like the way it dried also had little shelf life without the tender quick. I also tried making some homemade dry cure, took the right amount of tender quick and some McCormick’s maple smokehouse spices and mixed it in a coffee grinder. it was ok, but not even close to the HM jerky. I've got a couple of work projects I'm working on but when I finish, I'll get some more made. I really want to do some stuff with sausage too.

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