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Couple friends had been asking me to make goat, so finally got around to trying out a whole leg.

This was HUGE, 9# leg rubbed with some Simply Marvelous Peppered Cow.

Barely fit in. Couple of chunks of Pecan, 235, three hours.

Then I wrapped in foil and into a 225 oven, had to make room in the smoker for the ribs. See, that's why you want a bigger smoker!

After about 7 hours total...

Good Stuff! If you like lamb, you'll probably like goat. Neighbor kids tried it and liked it, of course we didn't tell them what it was until they were munching on their third piece. And then they still liked it.
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That is pretty much an acquired taste from down in Bigwheel's area, into old Mexico.

Down here we have an area of town where expats from the Islands nations gather.The grocery stores sell it in 10 lb bags, chopped,bones and all in 2 in chunks,and make types of stew/gravies,etc.Lots of habeneros,lemongrass,thyme.Serve with rice and pigeon peas.Plenty of rum.
All the old Farmer/Rancher types up in North Texas kept a herd of goats to keep the grass mowed and have a big goat bbq once a year. They all took turns hosting the events and it also usually involved fried catfish..pinto beans..hush puppies etc. There was a guy up there who specialized in doing the cooking for everybody's event. Got paid well for it too. Very colorful guy. Anyway the Farmers who had the goats emasculated always had the best goat meat. Whether? Ok the guy would quarter them up...and throw them into a big stew pot of boiling water which had various spices and the juice off of two one gallon cans of pickled japs. He would seethe till it tendered up enough to stick a fork in the gravy then onto the pit to soak up some smoke. It wasn't too bad.

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