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Following up on a previous post, I found a "Chuck Mock Tender Roast" at BJ's. About 3.3 lbs. I found that "mock tender" is another name for chuck eye roast, and is apparently named because it looks like a tenderloin roast. It is a very lean cut of meat. I decided to do it as the previous chuckie I finally figured out with help from andyj. My plan was to smoke it for a few hours, then finish it by braising it in the oven in a dutch oven. This worked great last time, and I wanted to see what a "mock tender" was like. So it spent about 4 hours in the smoker (Amerique) at 225 with a generous rub of Smokin' Gun and about 2 oz of pecan chunks, to an IT of 154 deg. Then I sliced up a red bell pepper and about half a vidalia onion, threw them in the pot, and added the roast on top, and then a bottle of Amber Bock and about a cup of beef stock and into a 300 deg oven covered, for about another 4 hours. I took a stick blender to the pan juices which made a really great sauce to tie all the flavors together. This was really good, tender and very pullable, but again, very lean, not like a regular chuck roast. The sauce was greatly appreciated.

Trimmed (lots of silver skin removed):


A good rub:


In the smoker:


After 4 hours:


Ready to go in the pot:


After 4 hours in the pot:


On the board ready to slice/pull:


Sliced/pulled (note the steam):


I enjoyed this cook - hope you enjoy the pics!


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