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Cooked these up on the FE Pellet Grill.

For those of you who don't know what MOINKS are, where have YOU been? LOL

MOINKS are MOO and OINKS. Moo are precooked meatballs and Oink is Bacon.

Cooked at 400 on the Pellet Grill for 45 min then dipped heavily in sauce and finished for 30 min.


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The vegemite was something for an Aussie who posted in another forum. KInda an inside joke. I didn't really use it.

If you didn't know, KRAFT invented Vegemite years ago as a way to sell off beer by-products; it's basically made from a yeast/byproduct at least that's what the Kraft people told me when I lived there.

It makes salt taste plain. It's WAY saltier.

Also practicing my photo skills, trying to do a little macro work so when I update the 101's I'll add some better photos.

Originally posted by j-pouchman:
What temp do I cook MOINKS on a FEC 100?

That's something you'll have to experiment with, lots of variables. I'd start at 300.

Some issues:

Depends on the bacon and the meat you use.

If you used fresh meat and thick bacon, it will take longer to cook the bacon.

If you use precooked meatballs (the REAL MOINKS) and thick bacon, you'll have issues with lower temps.

My thoughts:

Use precooked meatballs, and precook thick bacon (or use thin) and do them in the 325 range. The precooking helps a lot.

I also like to bump up whatever temp once I put sauce on them, I want the sauce to carmelize

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