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I was wondering if i could get some feedback, this is my first brisket ever is was 10.5 pounds and i smoked it with 4 oz of hickory and 2oz cherry @225 for 16 Hrs ....tell me what your thoughts are ..............thanks in advance


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Good Job! What is your thoughts?

Need more smoke? Start out at 160-180* for 4-6hrs and you will get more smoke, if not leave it alone.

On one brisket, I like to put the fat cap down, but others do it the same as you.

I like to let the brisket rest for 2-3 hrs,FTC(wrap twice with heavy duty foil,towl,warm cooler) , it will tender and redistrubute the juices.

Hard to see, but are you cutting cross grain on the flat?

Once again, nice job on your 1st brisket!
My thoughts are I am hungry now! These guys are right, if it was good to you, then it is good. Cook to your tastes (or, in my case, your kids and wife) and don't worry about what others think so much.

Like you, I smoke mine with the fat side up and have had very good results with this. What temp did you pull it out at?

Your slices are pretty thick - was it tender this way? If so then you got it plenty done. If you could not cut it thinner because it made the meat fall apart, then you might have taken it a bit too far.

But no matter, excellent job your first time out, if you think it was good, then it is! (or was, it's probably gone by now)

Great first job. Hard to always tell from photos.

How was it to you?


I couldn't tell and they asked above, did you slice cross grain?

Also, looked like a fair bit of fat on the slices, what I tend to do is after the smoke, but before slicing we scrape the fat off, then slice (you'll also be able to see the grain if you didn't know)

Key is how happy were you and do you need any help with improving something specific?

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