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Just in case you want to smoke some hardboiled eggs for deviled eggs or for your favorite potato salad, or just simply for some straight-up boiled eggs, here is the answer. I actually ran across this while web surfing for a garlic soup recipe. Next time you put on a PB just ‘throw in’ a dozen eggs and leave them in there for 300 minutes (5 hours) while the PB smokes low and slow.

I did this simply as an experiment today using 4 eggs along with a dish of water to add some additional load to the AmQ; set the temp to 215 for 5.5 hours (added the extra 30 minutes since starting cold). I also put in the oven monitor to check the average temp as it seemed important to stay around the 212 boiling point. Temp came up fine and looked good at first but I noticed when I checked at the 1.5 hour point that the average temp was indicating around 205 so I pushed the AmQ temp to 220 and the average temp monitor went up to 210. For the smoke I used just a couple of small pecan chunks.

I first warmed the eggs by putting them in hot tap water.

Placed eggs and water dish on racks along with the oven monitor probe.

After 300 minutes (plus the 30 minutes warm up) pop the door and here is what I see:

So I take out the bronzed babies and take ‘em to the kitchen:

Cracked one open to reveal the caramel smoked egg white:

Then cut into the little gem to expose the yolk:

Results: a nicely done hardboiled egg that that would be perfect for deviled eggs or potato salad to go along with that smoked butt.

I should have used more wood or maybe even used hickory or something heavier ‘cause the smoke flavor was so slight I could hardly tell. They were not over cooked or rubbery as one might suspect. The whites were perfectly cooked and the yellow creamy and hardboiled. These would make a nice presentation for deviled eggs! Or try ‘em straight up with a sauce like FX.

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