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So I stopped off at Restaurant Depot, one of the things I picked up was Trimmed Triangles. AKA Tri-Tip. Don't normally find it, so I jumped on it. Trimmed off just under 4lbs. of fat, so it turned to be about $4.53/lb. after trimming.

Gave it a dusting of #porkmafia Sweet Pink, then about half hour later hit it with some Tatonka Dust.

Into the FEC at 180 for about 1 1/2 hours for some smoke, til it hit 120.

Then onto the gasser to finish it up. Nice medium rare, even though it doesn't look like it.

Served with some roasted potatoes & some charro beans. Good stuff Maynard!

So, left coasters, how'd I do?
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AndyJ, Looks great! Smoking for a bit and then grilling to finish is what the Cookshack's Pellet Grills were made for. Being a "left coaster" (Washington State), Tri-Tip is usually available here. I always slice mine starting from the top tip of the triangle - across the grain. The left-overs do make super good french-drip sandwiches (and yes I did mean 'drip').
Andy, that looks fabulous! I haven't done this yet with tri-tip, but it is on the short list! By my math, your roast originally cost (before you trimmed it) about $3.50 a pound. Is that about right? The least I have seen untrimmed tri-tip roast here is $3.99 a pound. The untrimmed here seems to have a LOT of fat. I'm envious. I will get to RD as soon as I can.

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