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Did some deer backstraps (loins) Tri Tip style using Pags' tri tip instructions from another thread located here

Injected the loins (which had no fat whatsoever) with Worcestshire. Rubbed liberally with tri tip rub, which came from Pags' tri tip thread above. Into the cold smoker with a little mesquite and oak at 200 deg until internal temp hit 100. Only took around 20 or 30 minutes to hit 100 IT.

From there to a hot (500 deg) gas grill with lid up at all times. Mopped with 1/2 redwine vinegar/1/2 olive oil mixture, with a dab of dijon mustard thrown in.

Few minutes on each side on the grill until internal temp hit approx. 135 degrees. Some of the loins were a little warmer than this--should have been checking them all with the thermapen rather than depending on the one probe.

Off the grill to rest 15 minutes under foil on the counter.

Sliced across the grain in 1/8 to 1/4 inch slices and ate.

Results: Fabulous! Incredibly tender, moist, juicy. Great flavor. Anyone eating would not have known it was deer meat. My family says "this is how we should eat it every time." Had leftovers today for lunch, and it was just as good today.

Only regret, I wish it was a bit more on the rare side. Will keep a closer eye on temps next time.

I don't know how to include the pics in the body of the post, so will post each in order. First one is of the loins rubbed, ready for the smoker.


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