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I've only tried a Strip Loin a few years back. Didn't knock my socks off considering the price. Piedmontese are ranch raised, grass fed animals. The muscle composition is dense and the lack of marbling produced a chewy steak though the flavor was pretty good...."earthy-beefy"

It's hard to say how my experience would translate in terms of a brisket. My guess is that the brisket would be drier than most, but ya never know. How much per pound?

Tom would be a better "goto"guy for an answer. Tom?
Have had a pretty busy couple of weeks and no desktop,either.
Hated not dropping by.

Like many comp cooks ,we research ,order,and try about everything.

We also raised black and white face crossbred beef cattle and fed some out every year to eat.

My sons both run pretty good sized beef operations,also

Grass fed on pasture sounds nice and chemical controlled and if that was my dining/lifestyle desire,I could live with it-but would eat more pork,fowl,and fish.

My biggest learning experience was cooking burger and steak in an iron skillet of grassfed and then creep feed and smell the difference while working outside.The fed beef filled the yard with aroma.

Eating them side by side,the grassfed tasted like water and had a poor "mouthfeel".The fed out beef made you appreciate the extra work and expense.

Custom packing houses also sell 50 lb blocks of lean beef from old dairy,bulls,grassfed cows to mix with the great flavored fat from your fedout steer and make whatever burger mix you desire.

Just my experience,and like the experienced cooks above,I have sampled many versions of the crossbred imports and judges may find them too different.

Now SRF prime packers for $100 each including shipping are popular with top brisket cooks for large comps.

Like Smokin',cooks cook to the taste of the category and good judges look for that beef taste and mouth feel.Larger packers often produce more of the good cut and like Smokin' says"cooking them correctly ,to taste like good beef, is essential".
And yes,he is good enough to trick an old Longhorn bull packer into tasting/feeling like a fine pot roast-if that was his goal.

Just a couple of thoughts.
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Piedmontese brisket

Guess I don't stay in touch enough, I'd never even heard this type until you mentioned it.

There's always some new marketing hype/brand whatever that comes along. The cattle industry wants to get more $$$$ so they come up with brands like CAB, Wagyu/Kobe, Piedmontese.

Or so it seems.

I say go for it if you want to experiment.

Me? I'm not into fancy briskets. I want them fatty, not lean (wish we could get briskets like they were in the 70's and 80's and you wouldn't be asking how to keep them from getting dry.

Briskets are the simplest piece of me, the toughest and I think the ultimate example to show you know how to cook good Q. Unlike a PB, you can't just throw it in and expect perfect results.


p.s. Welcome back Tom Big Grin
Old guys like Smokin' and I thought brisket was bbq and it still is in the SW.

Since there wasn't an option,cooks all learned how to cook one and the diners learned ,over a century of eating , what brisket/bbq tasted like.

Yep,I know one night a week was bbq chicken for a real discount meal and some folks made fine sausage and cooked it.

You still can't give away free pork sandwiches at most restaurants.

You learned to drive a stick shift,fry eggs for breakfast,chili is an appropriate meal every day and how to make it.

Yep,there are new gadgets come along every day and many make life easier.There are new foods around the world that we learn to enjoy,but folks still come from around the world to cow country to eat real brisket.

Since we cooked with and against most of the cooks we now see on TV and we know what they eat at home,that is enough hint for me.

Just a couple more thoughts and thanks for the welcome back.
Well, I did it, bought a 13.5 lb Piedmontese brisket. Looked just like a regular brisket, maybe not as much fat to trim. Cooked the same and was delicious just like a good brisket.
Would I buy another??if I could find them locally yes, to ship one to the house, I don't think so. It was worth the money to see, it was very good, and were have smokin's new bacon wrapped brisket Candie's tomorrow with some of the left overs.

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