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I did another pork belly with the chuck roast.  This belly was frozen for about a week.  It was good but I was having some resistance after reaching 205 degrees.  The lower right side was not probing like butter but the rest of the belly was.  I did not want to overcook it so I pulled a wrapped with some bacon grease, butcher paper, vac sealed, and placed in the fridge.

I reheated today with the sous vide at 150 for 1 hours.  The butcher paper was soaked and belly had like a glaze on the bark.  It was awesome.  There were parts that were perfection and others not so much.  Some sections were very firm.  It was tasty and everyone liked it.

I normally cook bellies until they are 180-190 and they have all come out like butter.  I also never encountered the resistance.  This was the first time freezing before cooking.  I don't know if that had anything to do with the cook or not.



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That belly looks very lean, and the "dark meat" side is pretty large. I've found that darker meat to remain a bit tougher than the lighter (more fatty) meat. With belly, a lot depends on the leanness and fat distribution going in, unlike pork butts. I haven't found freezing to cause any problems, even after a couple months in the freezer. Looks great though!

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