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I smoked 5.5-pound pork belly on Sunday (05-28-23).  I had family in town for my daughter’s high school graduation.  I used my 22-inch Webber grill (set up with Slow N Sear and Fireboard Pro 2).

Cook time was right at 11 hours.  The Fireboard held the grill temp at 225 degrees almost perfectly the entire time.  It was good, and it was even better the next day. I did not use my SM066 because it was holding a 20-pound brisket at 150 degrees.  

I had a few leftovers.  They were refrigerated and warmed the next day.  The smoke flavor was more pronounced and just as juicy.

I may start smoking all my cooks the day before then vacuum sealing and reheating with the Sous Vide at 150 degrees for 2 hours.

pork belly cutpork belly final


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  • pork belly cut
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