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Hi all,

I saw a cryovac package of "pork brisket bones" at BJ's today. My quick search says these are basically rib tips. Lots of grilling recipes but not much for smoking. Has anyone ever done these? I'm thinking it would be a great foundation for a Super Bowl party meal. I thought I'd treat them like loinbacks, but not as long in the smoker. Any ideas/experience welcome. Thanks!

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So I picked up a cryovac of pork brisket bones at BJ's. $2.09 per lb. About 7.5 lbs in the package, 4 pieces of two distinct configurations I picked two pieces to smoke for the two of us (around 3 lbs) and seasoned with Porkmafia Memphis Mud, placed in the smoker (SM066) with 2.5 oz of 3 small peach chunks at 225F for three hours, then double foiled for an additional two hours. At that point, the toothpick test worked and they seemed juicy and done.

This was yesterday, the day before Superbowl, since rain was forecast (and happened) today. Didn't feel like setting up the popup in 40 degree temps. I left the pieces foiled and refrigerated them, then put the package in a slow oven to reheat. Chopped them up and it was really juicy, porky goodness, like a mix of ribs and belly in texture and fattiness. You have to chew around some cartilage, but we loved them!



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