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With Sam's Club, it depends on the meat packer. IBP usually put four two packs in a case. Some of the other packers put in five two packs but the butts are usually smaller. Best to ask one of the meat guys.

I have had two packs of butts in my deep freeze for many months and they thaw out just fine. Last case I got was Restaurant Depot and those $1.38 per lb.
I bought a case today. The pack price was $1.58 (which is lower than last time which was $1.78), and I got the case for $1.39/lb. They are a lot smaller than last time, and they aren't IBP brand. The case weighs 60 lbs, so about 7.5 lb per butt. They were all over 9 lb. when I bought IBP for the last two smokes. The ones I got today are Seaboard Farms. They still look good, just smaller.

I also picked up the FoodSaver that Sam's sells. I'm sure I'll put that to good use.
I cooked 6 of the Seaboard butts today. The fat cap was a little thinner than IBP which was nice. There was still some fat on the cooked butts, but not nearly as much as on the IBP ones. That's a good thing IMO.

I did notice more veins in these than the last couple batches. I trimmed some before cooking, and found some more near the bone while pulling. All in all, I'm happy with the Seaboard product, but I would prefer the larger size of IBP.
In our area (coastal NC), we have access to 3 sources of butts, with all three running about $1.40 / lb as a case price (Sams, Restaurant Depot and Southern Packing). All three sell Smithfood Foods butts. What I noticed towards the end of last year was that the butts were much smaller, with a case running about 40-45 lbs. I perfer to smoke butts about 8 lbs as I have a good feel for cook time and temp without measuring internal temps. I figured Smithfield packing must have been processing smaller hogs but after speaking to my wholesale butchers, the said that was not the case. They just told me to ask for a "heavy" case, so the last time I got a case I did that and ended up with a 65 lb case (4 two packs). Now, after seeing the smaller butts compared to the larger ones, I'm questioning my thought process. Seems like the larger ones were heavier because they have a thicker fat cap with very little more lean, so I'm paying for something I end up trimming. Any ideas on the ideal size?
Originally posted by cal:
Just brought a case home from Sam's,1.38/lb. Funny, they weren't in the normal green looking logo's, but the case did say IBP on it and it weighed 73.6 lbs.

Bought 2 cases yesterday from Sam's, same price $1.38/lb and they were IBP. The packages out in the open coolers did not have the IBP logos so I was thinking I'd be getting Seabord Farms butts. My packages in the cases did have the green labels. 16 butts hitting the smoker tonight. I'm debating whether to use 1 FEC or both. I hate having to make such a decision! Big Grin

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