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I don't think there is a way to do the loin in order to get it to pull. With so little fat content, it will just dry out. I use them a bit, but just serve as sliced pork. Does very well. But it will not break down like a butt.

A local place here. (Ridgewood BBQ) Which some say is very good, does hams. They slice them up, then put the meat in the fridge. Then when ordered, they pull it out and fry it on a flat top, and then put sauce on it on the plate. I don't know of anyone who has done a ham pulled. But it would be leaner than the butt. It may also not have enough fat to let it break down?? But it could be worth the time to try??
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I have smoked a lot of bone in cured hams and you want to take them out at about 125-130 and slice them. They are incredible! Slice the left overs and put in refridge and use for sandwiches. The bone makes awesome pea soup as well. You could try chopping the loin but again take out at 140 and wrap with foil and towels and put in a cooler for awhile before chopping. Save the juice from the foil and pour over the top of the chopped loin with additional rub and sauce.
I don't like Pork Loin, just even cooked to the right temp (145)

Not sure, like Randy said, you can cook it long enough to pull it.

You could always experiment and tell us, but it would have to involve foil and liquid to help it stay moist. It just doesn't have the collagen & fat to help like PB, Brisket, Chuck, etc.

Oh, also, move this to the Pork forum, not sure if we had that when you were here before. We've added a # of sub forums.
Not an answer,but a couple of thoughts.

There are a couple places ,local,that do Jamaican? that do loin sandwiches,but probably chopped.
One on 192 east of Melbourne Mall and another down near Grant, where we have our home comp.

I'm wondering if any of the colleges, that have food service ,have done analysis on well broken down, for collagen and rendered fat, shoulder?

They do a good job of analysis on rendered ground meat that shows very lean raw,may not be much different than non lean, when cooked.

Just wondering.
May try the following.... But don't chastise, tar nor feather me....

1. Light smoke in smoker to 140*F

2. Gulp.... Here it goes... Then take loin and give it a BBQ bath in a crock pot? I dunno about this one.

May just have to put on slicer for those thin slices like they do at Sonnys for their sliced pork. Manager told me for sliced pork they use collars... next to the butt

Oh well...
Let's just say I do the pork loin @ 200* for 1.5 hrs w/ a butt rub & a bit of apple wood in the evening. Refer over night. Drop in the crock pot in the morning w/ water & a cup Smokin's mop on low for about 5 hrs. It falls apart like pulled. I prefer it in a tortilla w/ shredded cabbage & pepper jack. It's great no matter what ya do w/ it.

PS: I always brine my pork loin, chops & any kind of poultry.
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