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New CS50 owner here. Seasoned it in last weekend and finally getting a chance to use it this weekend.

This morning stuck two 3 lb pork loins in rubbed in Bad Brads Butt Rubb. Top rack. Hickory wood about 4 oz. Removed when internal temp hit 144 and foiled at that point and wrapped in a towel. Sliced about an hour later for some friends for a tailgate party and was disappointed. Meat was tender, but had a bitter taste and really no smoke taste.

Suggestions on what went wrong, what to do next time?
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Did you line the bottom of the smoker with foil and remember to poke a hole in the foil for the bottom vent? Creosote can form if the bottom vent hole is covered and that could be your bitter taste. In a Cookshack smoker less is more as far as wood is concerned. Start with less wood (keep a record) and increase or decrease until you get the right amount of smoke for you. Some rubs don't work as well in a smoking environment as the do when grilling. For a pork loin I keep it simple - salt, pepper and garlic; I want to taste the meat more so than the rub.
Yes, I did double line the bottom and the cover over the wood box...also poked hole in the foil and got some very minimal drainage into the drip pan.

Did note some creosote/black ooze in the bottom under the foil?

I'll loose the rub on the loin next time and just try something simpler as you suggested. I think I had too much wood, it was over powering.
I would encourage you to read the thread, "Lessons for new users" that Smokin started. Many of us went through the trials and tribulations that you mentioned when we were getting started. I still go back periodically just to refresh my memory. It is a very usefull segment of this forum.

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