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I recently saw on the Food Network a BBQ show with Bobby Flay. I saw one of the booths using a claw to pull a boston butt. They are called bear claws and I ordered 4 from Check these out because I think they will be great when you are pulling a hot butt after 14 hrs in the Cookshack and have a hungry crowd ready to eat some great BBQ!
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Originally posted by cadillac:
[qb] I looked at buying a couple of those, but my butts are soooo tender, I only need 2 tongs to do all my pullin'. I use heavy duty gloves to pull the meat outta the cooker cause I dont want to drop one of these beauties.

bob [/qb]
So, cadillac,

What's your secret?

I dont really have a secret. Just using the things I have learned here. Lots of CS rub. Cook the butts to 190-194*. I just started cooking them bone in about a month ago. The gloves came from Menards and are leather, heavy duty, lined gloves I got for $3.49 I think. I mainly use them to move hot racks, or refill the wood bin on my 008. But I have started using a pair to just remove the meat from the grill cause I have come close to dropping stuff more than once. My meat comes directly from the farm to my butcher, to me. What will be eating this weekend was walking around locally 14 days ago. We can taste a HUGE difference in locally raised pork and Walmart pork.

Lowes has rubber jersey lined gloves for about $6.00. They aren't as heat proof as some of the $50 models, but work fine for about 20 minutes of hot pork pulling action before the heat gets to you. They have some with longer cuffs for about $9.00. These work fine for me at home, and if I happen to lose one somewhere it dosen't hurt too bad.
For me, I go to my Food Supply Company and they have lots of options.

For me, I have the "Fry Mitts" that are high quality and have last for 3 years or so. About $35 but they're sturdy. I use that for pulling out.

For pulling the meat, I have the claws, but don't use them. I just take food service cotton gloves, pull on rubber gloves on top of those and pull away.

I prefer the hands on approach, but the claws will work, but so do a pair of forks for pulling.

Do you let the meat rest awhile before you pull it with the meatcutter gloves under latex, or do you go at it while it's hot?
I don't want Jack's hands to turn into Edward Scissorhands! I'm thinking of longterm damage. He tends to grab really hot stuff and doesn't seem to bother him.

Thanks for responding.
I had a lady who worked for me that came with the restaurant I used to own. She had been pulling pork daily for 20+ years without gloves. Right off the pit. HOT! She had no fingerprints left at all, and didn't seem to have any sensation of heat/pain either. Even with gloves, every few shoulders I'd plunge my hands into ice water for a few seconds to cool off, and she would just laugh and keep pulling. Scary.
The cotton gloves,under latex ,works just fine for still steaming butts.

I have cook's hands for heat,but the wife/co-cook does not.

She is better at separating the individual muscles and being sure there is zero unwanted material in the finished product.

She also pulls volume in them.

They give excellent dexterity.

For handling lots of whole butts,briskets,slabs -straight from the cooker ,I use the fuel handlers gloves from Lowe's,etc.

Wells-Lamont is a common brand.They are liquid proof and around $ 6.Cotton lined.

You can even cut the ribbed cuff off,to put on/take off easy.

Smokin's gloves are great overall and Lodge cookware makes red fabric gloves that can handle hot grates,etc.
pulling pork butts is a 10 second job just remove the bone and the fat throw it in a clean plastic bucket and power up you cordless drill and DONT FORGET the RO-MAN PORK PULLER with a few up and down motions you'll have presto pulled pork and no finger strain!! my neighbor used it to pull 65 pork butts for the cortez festival and his friend was amazed he got on his iphone and ordered one on the spot!!! im into easy hence the BIG GREEN EGG and the RO-MAN PORK PULLER can you say BLAM DONE!!! ive seen the claws and im just too lazy to work at it im hungry i want it done NOW LOLOL.... you go ahead with those claws ill be over here EATING and watching you struggle LOLOL

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