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Originally posted by dls:
[qb] Norm - Not to disagree with Smokenque, but I guess I will by saying that I do tenderloins to 140F frequently and they always come out just right. Same thing with regular pork loins. Sometimes, I finish with a quick sear on a gas gril to crisp them up a little. [/qb]
Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Pork used to have to be cooked to a higher minimum temp. Now, the govt recommends 160� minimum, as I understand. I double checked a couple of BBQ books I have..

Steve Raichlin says 160� for pork tenderloin.. however, I just picked up a GREAT new book (to my library) by Dr. BBQ.. he says 145-155�(max) for tenderloin.. somewhere in the book he suggests pulling at 145� and tenting for 30 minutes. I guess that will bring the temp up a few more degrees.. Per his book.. butts are a different story.

So, dls, I bow to your superior knowledge Razzer
Well not to disagree with your books, but the OLD School was take it to 160. Of course, the old school worried about Trichinosis, which there have been like 3 cases in 30 years...

I'll have to go find the link, but US Food Safety and Information service lowered the temp down from 160 for safety.

When I do my Pork Loins and Tenderloins, I shoot for no more than 150. They'll be a whole lot more tender and juicy than 160.
Yep,137�and holding in foil a few mins will give you a rise of another few degrees.

If grilling,the higher temps will give a few more degrees residual rise, than slow and low.

If cooking for bbq cooks,I'll shoot for this minimum and expect them to understand a little pink.

Less experienced folks,I'll pull about 145�-147� and let it rise another few degrees.

Just the way we do it.

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