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First time jerky maker here, but not new to using Cookshack smokers. Thinking it would save some time, I bought a pre-sliced beef clod. Upon opening found it was sliced in only 1/8th thick slices. I know the usual desired thickness is 1/4". I am using Hi Mountain jerky cure, and presently have the meat curing in the refrigerator. I will be using a FEC100, planning on smoking at 200*, and plan to check it often, but don't know exactly how to tell when it's done. When do you take it out of smoker?
I'm trying to avoid crispy beef strips, but due to the thin slices I'm starting with, that may not be possible.
I would appreciate any thoughts or tips on this.
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Trucky taught me how to do jerky on the FEC, you might take a look at his post..... LINK

It will take a little practice as far as telling proper doneness for how you like your jerky. I would guess you want is still pliable, but not brittle....I would guess Don's times will be real close since he sliced it just shy of 1/4".

The cure time for the Hi mountain mix is for 1/4" cuts, you may want to shorten your brine time by a few hours?

Good luck, the FEC makes awesome jerky.
You're on the right track with the drying part, it has been cured, so the cooking is not a big factor.

If you don't hear back from Hi mountain, if I remember correct, they tell how much more time to add for 3/8" thickness over 1/4". I would use that formula to subtract the time from 1/4" to 1/8". What it will cause, is the flavor to be weaker(washed out) than what it should be...experience has taught me this on over curing jerky.

One other thing, after taking it out of the smoker, let it air dry on paper towels for a while. I would flip it once also while it's drying. If it's not a bunch, you can wipe it with the paper towels.
Thanks for the tips Cal.
Hi Mountain's instructions with their cure says to add 4-hrs of cure time when going from 1/4" to 3/8" thick, so yes, I think a little less cure time is warranted - just unsure how much. If I hear back from Hi Mountain I will post that info.

Heard back from Hi Mountain. Since this meat is so thin, their recommendation is to only cure for about 12 hours, so it's time now to go fire-up the smoker.
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Thought I would give the results.
Used Trucky's method (see Cal's post above), but modified since meat was thin. Smoked for 1-1/2 hrs on 170*, then another 1-1/2 hrs on 180*, so only 3-hrs total smoke time. Jerky came out pretty good. Only a few very small/almost see-thru pieces came out crispy/crumbly while the rest came out great.
Next time, will slice my own for better thickness control. A big thanks to Cal and other past posts on this Forum for all the help!

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