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Originally posted by Idaho Mike:
Jay: You can go in this week, and next week it is gone because it wasn't selling. A year later it is back.

And that, my dear Brothers-in-Q, is why you gotta buy 'em when you see 'em. Take it home and plan a party. Buy two if Mama isn't in the truck, and hide the second one in your beer fridge. Keep that local Costco manager CONFIDENT that those fat boys will sell through.
I have 2 of the choice briskets total weight 29 pounds. I am trimming them now, and will get them both injected and rubbed tonight. Into the cooler for a cook tomorrow morning. I usually start them in the smoker at 180 degrees to get as much smoke on them as I can. I am going to bump this to the 275 degrees, and see where we are at far as internal temp and time when it gets toward bed time.
I made some changes from what I usually do. I injected the briskets with Butcher BBQ, I bumped the temps in the smoker up to 275, and I used butcher paper to wrap the briskets in when I put them in the Cooler. Total cook time for 2 15 pound briskets was 9 hours. I started probing them at 195 degrees. They didn't probe like warm butter until they actually hit 205 degrees. They have great flavor, but are drier than when I do low and slow method.


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