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I purchased the SM025 on 5/21/2022.  It's been used several times a month with great success.  Yesterday (Christmas Day, 2022) I smoked a very expensive 7.76 pound prime rib, this was a prime grade cut of meat. I ordered it from my local butcher without asking about the price - I probably would have gone with choice if I knew prime was 24.99 a pound! Caveat Emptor and all that. - but a frick'n amazing roast. 

Anyway, put it on the smoker at 225* at 10 AM.  Used about an once of cherry and probably 1/2 once of hickory.  Knock the temp down to 140* when the meat reached 220*.   This was at 2:45 PM. The roast went to a final temp of 233*. 

Medium rare Perfection!

I have been using the unit for a few months and have gained total confidence in it.  This was done with zero concern or worry about, well, anything.    Family loved the results. 

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Just a silly question?  The final temp was 233 degrees but it was medium rare?  I love doing Prime Rib in my SMO66.  I hit it a very light coat of dejon mustard, then a rub that is salt, pepper, garlic and onion.  Then add some diced fresh rosemary.  Hickory and cherry for the wood,  and put the cold PR in a cold smoker set to 220 degrees.  I take it to an internal temp of 105 degrees, and then do a reverse sear either on the PG or in the oven.  I do not let the temp internal temp. get over 125.  I then do a foil wrap and place it in a warmed cooler until time to cut it.  The temp.  will rise to 130 to 135 degrees due to the carry over cook.  Good stuff.

I usually can find Prime Rib (Standing Rib Roast) at $6.99 on special around Holiday times. I buy when I can and will freeze in my deep freezer for a rainy day. Today is that day!  I'll do a 7lb, 3 bone in the smoker this Sunday, plan to do a light smoke at 200 for maybe 2-3 hours. Just want an internal temp of 110-115 F as I plan to wrap it and finish it on high roast temp in the oven at in-laws house for Xmas eve dinner.

It's been thawing in an ice chest since Thursday and today I hope to prepare it with rub and let it spend a day or so in the fridge.

I love smoked prime rib but some are overwhelmed by the smoke flavor. I'll use a small chunk of mesquite, try not to over power it.

My rub will be olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic paste, and maybe some thyme and rosemary.

I'm not big on Au Jus but for sure need some pure horseradish.

I think the steps you use sound terrific.

I'll be buying one or two three bone in prime ribs today.  They are not for xmas or new years .  Buying them because the prices can be good around the holidays.  I'll get 'em, vacuum pack 'em, toss them into the freezer for a later date.   A little xmas gift down the road.

This year my wife want's a combo of beef plate ribs (spare ribs) and pork St. Louis style ribs for the crowd.  Sounds fine to me! I've done both many times.  Not much to worry about except for the timing of the two - beef ribs in first and a few hours later I'll but the pork ribs in.  I'll be setting the temp to 250.  This is higher than I normally do pork ribs but it will work fine.  I have found that doing plate ribs at 250 is better than at, say, 225.

The only thing I need to decide is which of the two go on the top rack and which one goes on the bottom rack. The smoker is the SM025.  I am leaning towards putting the pork ribs on top.  This way the drippings will hit the beef down below and help keep the beef moist.  I don't think that will change the flavor of the beef. I hope not.  They are yummy.  I did a rack of the plate ribs last weekend.  I was very pleased with the resulting meal.

Looks terrific.  One advantage of using the oven in the house is the aroma will be teasing you during the entire cook.  I have built a covered deck about 30 feet from the house where all the gear is setup.  The main deck is attached to the house and is where we spend most of our time.  Nice - but the drawback is you get a whiff of what is going on out there.  Not the full-on assault you had the joy of enduring while your roast cooked.  Oh, and why a second deck in the first place?  Well, I left my son in laws to do a cook on the grill one time while I left to attend to an errand.  Lot's of smoke and a small grease fire later I arrived back home.  Someone I live with suggested a new deck might be a good idea.  One that is not near the main building.  It turned into yet another summer project

Anyway, my beef and pork ribs turned out great.  'So good' was heard murmured amongst the crowd.

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