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We just got our AmeriQue and tried to do pulled pork after we seasoned the unit. Set temp at 225 and thermometer probe at 190. After 11 hours internal temp of the butt was only at 178. Since we had guests over we sliced up and served --- it was great.

But, in the future,should we raise the temp to 235 - 240 or should we stay with the 225 and just allow more time to get to 190?

We are rookies at this and would appreciate any and all input.

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Rookies welcome here....

Welcome aboard!

I'm going to have to done an AQ test soon. I have one now, but haven't tested it yet (been too's summer) so I can't quote an exact time.

Rough estimate I hear is plan on about 2hrs per pound.

For me, I do butts all the time at 250 with no impact.

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One thing that I would suggest is to always have your butts done several hours before meal time. Once they hit 195-205, wrap in plastic and HD foil. I then wrap in a beach towel and place in a cooler. If it's going to be more than 3 hours, I heat a brick to 180* in the oven...wrap in another towel and toss it in the cooler with the butt. This will give you additional time to work on sides or mingle w/ guests.

EDIT: forgot about the AQ's holding I'm jealous.
T and G welcome aboard!!!

Initally I was always waiting for the pork butts to get done on time (or at least when I thought they would be done). Now I just start them around 6 in the evening and they are always done before dinner time the next day. If they get done early I just wrap the butt in foil and put it in the cooler (to keep it warm)until we're am ready to eat.
T and G,

by the way....Don't hesitate to let the pork butt go all the way to 195˚. You won't believe what it does to the meat. I was skeptical about the high temps that were quoted at first but around 185˚ or so the fat gets rendered to liquid and it just melts through the meat. You also pickup a more intese bark as the smoking goes on for more time. Get ready for it to almost fall apart when you try to pull it off the rack. It will be sooooo tender and tasty.
Thanks to you all for all the input. We will just be more patient the next time we try this and stay with 225 and just damn wait till it get to 190 - 195. We will start this early enought to finish well before the guests arrive.

Another Q: Will the AmeriQue automatically go into hold mode [140 I believe] once temp is reached? Is so, does it hold this until unit is turned off?

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