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Hello all, first post here but I've lurked on and off for a while. I got an 008 for Christmas, and I've done ribs, salmon, and chicken in it, but this is the first pork butt. It's almost done, but I'm wondering what is next for pulled pork.

Here's the story so far: 7.75 lb butt, bone in, seasoned with Cookshack Rib Rub and some Grey Poupon for about 6 hours in the fridge before the smoke. 5 oz. Hickory and 225 degrees, put it on at 8:30 last night with a Redi-Check remote probe in. I opened the door about 30 minutes in to re-insert the probe, as it was climbing in temp too fast so I didn't have it inserted all the way into the meat, but other than that, I've just been watching the temp on the remote. Right now I'm at 183 degrees, and it's 1:19PM here in Reno, NV.

My sister and her son are coming over this evening, about 5PM or so - I'm thinking this will be done before then, probably by 3 or so, but I'm not sure. I was planning on dropping the temp to 140, and letting the meat rest in there for 30-60 minutes before bringing it out to pull it. Then pull it, put it in a dish and cover tightly with foil and back in the smokette at 140 until dinner time. Is this the right sequence of events? How long is it safe to keep the meat at 140, and is the smokette good for this?

Thanks in advance for any help any of you can offer. So far, this forum has really saved my butt (pun intended) because I probably would have started this first thing in the morning had I not come here first and read about everyone else's experience.
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If you have a small cooler, heat it up with some hot water. Drain and dry it out. Put the finished and wrapped butt in there and put a towel over it. Wait until the last minute to pull it. It will maintain more moisture that way.

If you don't have a small cooler, wrap it and put it in a very low temp oven but at least 140. You can leave it in the 008 also. Whichever if easier for you.


You can just turn the dial off or unplug the smoker when the meat reaches the temp at which you determine doneness. It will not hurt a pork butt or shoulder if the meat reaches 205* or so. Just leave it in with the power off until right before serving time and then take it out and shred for sammiches.

Thanks for the responses.

As it turns out, the meat hit 194 degrees at 21 1/2 hours, which was 6PM, so I took it out, wrapped in foil for 30 minutes to rest, pulled it with forks and gorged... my god it was good!

That's my first pork butt, everything I read says it only gets better from here, that's hard to believe because it was so good, but I can't wait to smoke another.

Thanks again!

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